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     Assalammualaikum, and hello everyone! I know this is kind of weird that suddenly I'm writing in English (and it is my first time posting entry in English too xD) but here is the thing. Today I would like to share a review for this absolutely wonderful and magical recent-published book; Mermaid Lagoon by Thalia S.A. Synopsis : Mermaid Lagoon is a place full of wonder, mystery and secrets. A place where the most magical things can happen. Is it for real... or just a myth? Called upon by a great power, Lilly and her friends leave their normal lives to embark on a daring adventure to a mysterious but special school in the middle of the ocean, Ocean Academy. But when they get there, a whole mystery begins to unfold! Will they discover some clues in order to track down a legendary object; An object that is rumoured to be powerful enough to save the seas... and the world beneath it! Along with the ancient artefact, can they figure out who is trying to stop them- and why? Splash in t