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    Assalammualaikum, and hello everyone! I know this is kind of weird that suddenly I'm writing in English (and it is my first time posting entry in English too xD) but here is the thing. Today I would like to share a review for this absolutely wonderful and magical recent-published book;

Mermaid Lagoon by Thalia S.A.

Synopsis :

Mermaid Lagoon is a place full of wonder, mystery and secrets. A place where the most magical things can happen. Is it for real... or just a myth?

Called upon by a great power, Lilly and her friends leave their normal lives to embark on a daring adventure to a mysterious but special school in the middle of the ocean, Ocean Academy.

But when they get there, a whole mystery begins to unfold!

Will they discover some clues in order to track down a legendary object; An object that is rumoured to be powerful enough to save the seas...

and the world beneath it!

Along with the ancient artefact, can they figure out who is trying to stop them- and why?

Splash in the sea with Lilly and her friends as a sneaky spy tries to ruin their plans for victory.

Like the fictional sea creatures in this magical story, we must use our powers to save our oceans and all that live within.

They need us now- more than ever! Let us be their heroes in protecting them and their future. 

Genre : Fiction, Fantasy , mystery, adventure

Pages : 184 pages

Format : Softcover/paperback

Language : English

Price : $9.67 on Amazon | RM40.45 on Bookdepository (FREE shipping to Malaysia) + FYI there's currently 8% off! (RM36.81)

Where to buy : Bookdepository or Amazon

Goodreads : >Here<

ISBN : 9798529211762

Published by : through Young Author Academy

Published on : 2021

    Yes indeed, it is a novel for 8-12 years old readers and really suitable for your younger siblings or your kids around that age. There are many cool illustrations for the readers to see which some were drawn by the author herself. Oh and there is a recipe that reader can try at the end of the book too! Trust me, it's really fun and I highly recommend for young readers to read! This book is just too good so I want to leave a review here in my blog.

(I know I'm not a kid anymore but hey, I enjoyed reading it very much. Hehe.)

    I'm 21 years old this year by the way but let me remind you that I'm a huge fan of middle grade. I honestly don't know why but middle grade books really have that charming sense on its own and REALLY fun to read. Therefore again, it was such an honour to be one of the earliest reader (I think) to read this magical work and was chosen to be the winner of Mermaid Lagoon giveaway on Instagram by the author, Thalia S.A.

    Just for your information, I don't really know who is Thalia S.A. at first, but everything started when I saw a post of Mermaid Lagoon book giveaway (advertisement) on my Instagram timeline. That is the day when I first heard about Thalia S.A., the young author. I just thought that I should support the author by joining the giveaway and get to know more about the author.

    What I knew was: Thalia S.A., 10 years old (she is 11 years old this year), was born in England and in-love with reading when she was 3 years old. She has participated in many writing and drawing competitions and even won it. Oh, and not forgot to mention that Thalia parents are Malaysian too! =D

    Overall, I'm inspired with the story of Thalia's journey before publishing Mermaid Lagoon. Me, myself is currently on my way to write my own middle grade book too and meeting Thalia S.A. really makes me even motivated to not give up in my dream. (I would say that I'm kinda late on writing my first book but that's okay) //Good luck dear self!

    Back to the story, I did promote the book giveaway on my other social media platforms like Whatsapp status, Facebook and Instagram story so my contact will get to know this up-coming book. And long story short, alhamdulillah, I was picked as the winner and won a copy of Thalia's book, a bookmark and 3 limited edition stickers. It took almost 18 days to arrive in my place, Malaysia. I read it last night and oh my God, it was so much fun!!!

Anyway here is the moment of unpacking Thalia's bookmail ^^

And here is some of my comment and my favourite part in Mermaid Lagoon:

My review :

    This story is about a journey of Lily and her other three friends on saving Mermaid Lagoon while attending the Ocean Academy (a boarding school). There will be a lot of clues and struggle with the spy who wants to stop them.

    I still can't get over the fact that Thalia, the author, wrote this when she was 10 years old. The plot story and the imagination she has is just.. unbelievable. Plus every plot twists are just- incredibly brilliant! Some of them i really didn't see that coming haha.

    Oh and also! I love the fact that Thalia brings awareness of saving the ocean, inserting a muslim character wearing hijab and give a new way of mermaid wearing appropriate clothing instead of only shells.

    Lastly, the ending is just perfecto! Big applause to author Thalia S.A. for creating this magical story! I really recommend young readers to read this book and Mermaid Lagoon would be the most perfect present for them for their birthday or other celebration. Especially if they love magical story, mermaid, and a bookworm.

    I stuck colourful labels while reading Mermaid Lagoon to see what I like on author writing style or my favourite moment (blue), messages from author or what she wants to deliver (red), world building (brownish), and lastly is plot twist (green).

    Congratulations Thalia for your first book! You did a fantastic job! Thank you again Thalia and family for this opportunity, taking me to the world of Mermaid Lagoon and experience this magical journey of Lily and her friends. I wish you all the best Thalia S.A. and I will look forward for your next project. I will make sure to support you by my own next time! Hehe. Stay safe and take care always!

    Alright, that's all from me for me today. I will try to publish another entry in Malay language as well later. Thank you everyone for reading. Have a good day/night!




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