Tuesday, 9 May 2017


sila klik banner di atas ni yaaa ((:

Assalammualaikum ~! ^0^ tadi Nisha baru lepas BW di satu blog ni dan terjumpa satu segmen yang sangat menarik. Nisha cepat-cepat buka and wowwwww.. Everything is in english! haha nasib baik keputusan english Nisha baik dekat sekolah XP Bolehlah try speaking kejap. Tapi takpa kan kalau jadi macam Oh My English? haha okay you all. let's start with my first thought about AMERZING Official Blog. This will be like a short review about this cute blog hehe.

  • Write a very short review post about AMERZING

Hmm, the first thing than ran through my mind was your WHITE BACKGROUND! Damnn, it looked so clean! haha. It was really easy reading your post too since you used a very nice font. Your page tabs also looked tidy when you put it on top of your header. It would make us (bloggers) easy to search for your pages like author and contact section. There were also not much widgets in your blog making me giving you a thumbs up for not taking a long time to load haha XD So, Good job! *Maharaja Lawak Mega* I will give you 5 stars! yayyy ^0^

haa acaner? Okey tak english Nisha? hehe Tapi pernah sekali je dapat A/A- tu pun last year. but sokay, InshaAllah mana tahu SPM satgi dapat A+ haa terkejut beruk nanti semua orang hihi >_< Baiklah, Nisha akan sambung berspeaking semula. Tiba-tiba rasa over confident pulak hoho B) Maaf tau kalau-kalau ada yang ke laut. XD


Well, I have this super scary story. Actually, it wasnt my story but it was my friend's story. She told me the story at school making me goosebumps. I don't know if you believe in ghost/paranormal.. But my friend (I wont mention her name here) has a sixth sense. Which means, she can see spirit/ghost (?) At first it wasn't scary at all but when she reached the ending... I was like, "KAYYY U CAN STOP NOW. I MEAN NOWWWWW" haha. I'm such a scaredy cat XP Back to the story, she told me that she went to McDonald by her own. She was sitting in the corner and suddenly there was this couple entered the place. She looked at them carefully. Majority people were focusing on them. The guy looked super hot and rich. But his girlfriend looked incredibly apposite! *Yes, she wasn't pretty AT ALL* Everyone wondered why can this couple made it through. My friend just let out a smile since she pretty sure she was the only person there that knew the truth. Wanna know why? She saw a huge tall black shadow hairy thingy behind the girl that smelled so stink. It had a pair of red eyes, looking at the couple every seconds. The thing kept following the girl behind till they sat on the chair. My friend stared at them for awhile before looking down, taking a small bite from her burger. After a few seconds, she sense something when her body suddenly felt cold. My friend slowly realized.. the thing also did the same! It was looking straight at her TOO! Which means, the thing knew she could see him since the start! And on that time.. she couldn't describe that thing in a word because it looked SO AWFUL to look at! My friend quickly woke up and left her seat. The hideous thing still gave her a stare when she walked pass behind the couple. 
"That's all?" I asked my friend while yawning. "Yup." She winked. "BORING! Tell me something more. Like maybe right now? What are the things doing??" I questioned her curiously. "They're looking at us right now" (-:


Okey, itu ja haha. bengong kan kawan nisha tu? Sabar je lah kalau dapat kawan camtu. Tapi yang tak syoknya dia bukan jenis yang suka bagitahu apa yang benda tu tengah buat. Dia ada kata juga benda-benda ni semua tak suka bila kita cerita pasal dia. Hm, maybe sebab tu kut? Harap korang suka dengan entry ni. And to those yang suka nak share cerita kisah paling awesome yang pernah korang lalui, dijemput join segmen ni ^_^

  • Moral of the story / Conclusion :

That previous girl used a black magic to get that guy. Just like a dirty way to grab that guy's attention. And yeah, I think that's why the guy really into her. It's all because of that black magic. I'm pretty sure you all know about this topic since it's a famous topic in our country, Malaysia. Like sihir, minyak dagu, santau and many more. MAYBE the reason why did the thing kept looking at my friend is because he gave her a warning to stay away from the couple. So, she won't tell anything to the guy. How about you? hm, let me just ask her again at school. But I might get an answer or a 'no' answer haha. Remember, she isn't the type that wanna talk about those stuff lol. She only like telling me and my friends a scarry story. haha Till now I remember that moment you guys know =..='' Alright, take care everyone~!! Tata~ Titi tutu~~


(I feel bad tbh doing this XP)


Amer Ridzuan said...

Allahu...cerita apa nih.. T^T ... meremang bulu roma habis.. lahaii.. dah la ada dekat mcd nih hahahahaha.. Thanks tho for joining my humble segment.. Folowing you too.. Nice to meet you :)

Nisha said...

@Amer Ridzuan :O Perghh lagi bagus, dapat 'feeling' bila baca. =P hehe no problemo ^_-

Unknown said...

Eyy fae tak suka cerita hantu haha takuttt

jamaliah said...

Haha..klu tgk ni malam malam confirm tak tidoo..

Nisha said...

@Nurfaezah Abdullah hehe best lah bila tau cerita hantu <3 Just time nak tidur malam tu je yg spoil. Time tu lahhh macam2 imej nak muncul dalam fikiran. ye dak? XD

Nisha said...

@jamaliah shaari haha betul2. ditambah pula dengan efek khas (gambar hantu yg cun2) dalam entri mmg membuatkan suasana lagi seram sejuk XP

Mardhiyyah Rosli said...

mya nampak je tajuk entri, what? horror!
teringin nak baca tapi disebabkan gambar2 di atas, xjadi laa.
sorry ya nisha

Abam Kie said...

I can read a horror story during the day only...

Mardhiyyah Rosli said...


blogwalking dari segmen yang sama


Amer Ridzuan said...

Hi, I'm here for the final judgment for the AMERZING Bloglist winners. Maybe you will be one of 'em. Wait for the announcement on this 3 June 2017. Cheers!!!