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1. If i woke up one morning and find myself had switched bodies with someone i know, i will told to my mom XP

2. If i have to be an animal, i would choose to be Wolf because I don't know. I love wolf. <3 Not because Exo. but.. because Song Joong Ki . :3 Yeah.. He act in the drama that call " A werewolf boy " 

3. If i had only 24 hours to live, i will  say to my lovely person (my mom, dad, grandparents, chingu) that I love them and I will appologize to them T.T

4. If a classmate asked me for the answer to a question during an exam while the teacher was not looking, i will give her/him the answer XP

5. If the whole world were listening to me, i will say Saranghaeyo D.O Oppa! XD

6. If i am a rich person, i will be just like Polarlight noona T.T

7.  If i am an ice cream, i will choose  mint with chocolate flavor because  its Luhan fav flavor ice cream ^_^

8. If someone's underwear was showing, i will  laughing at him/her XD

9. If i can change one of the bad habits that i have, i would change the  | No Idea XD |

10. If i am a superhero, i would like to be  Thor !! 

11. If a film director made a movie of my life, i would like to play as  of course the main cast :P

12. If were invited to have a tea with the queen of england, i would say  Thank you ^^

13. If i were the president of the united states, the problem or concern would i work on first is improve bad manners 

14. If i had to describe myself using three words, it would be friendly, kind XD, a funny person lol

15. If i could be anybody besides myself, i would be the girl who fate will marry with D.O oppa T.T


XoXo N!$H@


Havinue said...
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Ina Imani said...

Assalamualaikum. Jom join ga ni. Pastu boleh tak komen sesuatu kat entri tu? Kalau tak pun, buat smiley je ^^ Thank you :> Special Giveaway By Afiqah dan Super Duper Awesome Giveaway by Hannan

Thank you sangat-sangat sebab komen kat dua entri tu :]

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